“There is so much emotion around the Mid-East issue. Some call the Palestinians terrorists, others say Israelis are attempting to execute an ethnic cleansing operation.

It may help to know and realize the history between these two groups, and realize the roles played by the United States, UN, and other countries.

An overview of the History between Israel and Palestine can be found on our site.

Note the leaders that are currently in power on both sides, and the roles the have played in the past. Their experiences directly influence their goals and policy. Peace will not be possible until it is the only objective. Both sides are far to concerned with acquisitions of land and other economic and political interest.

President Bush, however, has not helped with this issue. He recently gave his blessing to Ariel Sharon to basically annex Palestinian territory. Whether he knows it or not, Bush has essentially contributed to the misdirection and escalation of the Mid-East issue. The focus must be peace, no exception.

What ever happened to the role of “”honest broker””?