There has been news this month that hunky actor, Ryan Reynolds, has finally moved on from his split up with now ex-wife, Scarlett Johansson.  And it is believed to not be the ‘rebound’ type of relationship that, unfortunately, Scar-Jo has had with Sean Penn a few months back.  The Green Lantern hunk is reportedly dating Academy Award winner Charlize Theron.  Well, there still are no evidences to prove the news because the two have not been photographed yet by any news reporter nor the paparazzi.  However, there has been a declaration of what have been said as a reliable source that Ryan and Charlize have been dating for quite some time already.  The source said, “(They) have been dating — for months! They’re exclusive, and it’s very hush-hush.”  Some sources also claimed to have seen the motorbike of Ryan Reynolds parked outside Charlize Theron’s residence and have stayed there for hours.

In an interview by Piers Morgan, Charlize said that she never married her long time boyfriend, Stuart Townsend.  Charlize affirms during the interview that she never dreams of getting married and that she only wishes for a long time relationship. After their split up last 2010, Charlize remained single and the only news about her dating life was when she was reported to have started dating her long time friend Keanu Reeves.  On the other hand, things between Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson have been a little light as the two were seen to have dined days after their divorce has officially been granted.  Ryan also was rumored to have dated “The Proposal” co-star Sandra Bullock but denied rumors.  But Ryan said in an interview that he would think twice about marrying someone again.

Well if it is true that Reynolds and Theron are dating, it must be said that both’s refusal to get married might just be the magnet that will bind them together.  But if you are excited for the two to reveal themselves anytime soon, wish not!  Both apparently agree to remain under the covers and will not go to any event as a couple as Charlize doesn’t work that way. There have been no official statements released by either party and let’s not expect that to happen anytime soon.

For sure girls are wishing that this news is not true, as the dashing, newly-divorced Ryan Reynolds is sure to win more female hearts as a single man.