From 12 bachelors, Ashley is now down to 3.  Her whirlwind journey is about to end in a jiffy; yet, huge twists and turns still occurs. From the hometown dates, Ashley chose Constantine the restaurant owner, Ben the winemaker, and J.P. the construction manager.  She decided to end her journey with Ames because she thought her relationship with him didn’t quite unfold as quickly as with the other bachelors.  I was personally disappointed that Ames didn’t make the cut, as his kindheartedness and honesty glows right out of him.  It was such a huge risk to let Ames go because he was probably the only bachelor whom Ashley can entirely trust. Oh well, she has made her decision.  But as to how good the decision was was shown in last night’s episode.

The episode started off featuring the islands of Fiji, where the 3 remaining bachelors are about to have one on one dates with Ashley before she decides who to present to her family.  But prior to meeting with her first date, Ben, something surprising happened.  Ryan, the perky man, flew to Fiji to meet with Ashley.  He said he believes that he didn’t get equal chances with Ashley and he deserves another chance.  But, lo and behold, Ashley prioritized her date with Ben.  Way to go, Ashley!  She probably finally saw what the other bachelors like Blake saw in Ryan.  Ben and Ashley had a wonderful date.  It was so clear that Ben is falling for Ashley and he is so tempted to say those 3 words that should await the finally rose ceremony.  This made Ashley agree to staying in the fantasy suite to end their night with blissful romance.

The following day, Ashley went to meet up with Constantine.  I wasn’t actually a fan of Constantine, up until Ashley met his family.  Constantine’s family is so adorable that it probably swayed Ashley to keep Constantine over Ames.  However, after that wonderful day/night spent with Constantine’s big Greek family, things started spiraling down.  Constantine opened up to Ashley about how he is when he is dating.  That he wants thing to unfold naturally and to not speed things up just because it needs to.  In all fairness to Constantine, he was open about this with Ashley in one of their dates.  He even said that he is not sure whether he will be ready to propose at the end of the entire dating journey.  Ashley should have picked up those signals right from the start.  Instantly the date started turning sour.  And to end it all, Constantine didn’t agree to stay in the fantasy suite which ticked Ashley off.  And so they decide to end things ASAP!

The third day, Ryan tried to sway Ashley to give him another chance, but to no avail.  Another hurray for Ashley!  She proceeds to meet her third and final date, J.P.  She told J.P. of the recent events that occurred.  I could sense that J.P. is Ashley’s go-to-guy when it comes to revealing her problems.  Ashley’s chemistry with J.P. is by far greater than Ben’s; although I believe there is something in J.P. that is still under the covers.  During their date, Ashley offered the fantasy suite to which J.P. shyly accepted.

And so the show last night ended up having two guys thrown out of the show – Constantine and Ryan.  Thinking about what Constantine said to Ashley and how he was a little shut down during the date, made me think of Ames.  Ames would probably have given Ashley a better, more romantic date.

Next week, it will be a battle between Ben and J.P.  Who do you think will Ashley’s family love and who do you think made Ashley’s sister say “he is not good for you”?  Find out next week on The Bachelorette.