Talented young singer/actress, Leighton Meester, has a lot of good and likewise unfortunate things that are happening to her.  Let’s save the good news and focus on the unfortunate event first.

It is known to all that Leighton is born to an ex-con mother.  She’s even born while her mother was serving time in prison for her involvement in drugs.  Leighton openly speaks highly about this experience and even said that it taught her not to judge people and be more open-minded.  However years after she spoke highly of her experiences of having a convicted mother, she and her mother are bound to have a bitter bout in court.  Why? Leighton sued her mother for allegedly misusing the $7,500 monthly allowance that she allocates for the medical needs of her ill brother.  Leighton found out that her mother, instead of using the money to pay for the son’s medical bills, used the money for her own cosmetic surgery fees.  Some of the cosmetic or aesthetic procedures that Leighton’s mother underwent were Botox, hair extensions and plastic surgery.  And you would think the drama would end there?  But no!  Leighton’s mother, Constance, decided to sue Leighton back.  And for what?  For not keeping up to her promise of giving her mother $10,000 monthly.  Constance said that she and Leighton had a verbal agreement that Leighton would financial support Constance for the rest of her life.  Now, Constance is suing Leighton for $3M!  This drama is way better than Gossip Girl!  It must have been really unconditional love on Leighton’s part to fully trust and entrust her mother with the money when her mother has had series of wrongdoings even after getting out of prison.  Constance was given a restraining order for harassment.  I guess, with the case of Leighton’s mother, the line “people change” doesn’t apply.

On to a lighter side of Leighton’s life.  It has circulated last May that she and actor Justin Long are dating.  Well we thought that would end up to be a summer fling, but rumors have it that the two are still spending a lot of time together.  Both have been sighted in and around New York going out of evening dates.  The press have not hunted the two yet but witnesses say that Leighton spends time with Justin every her Gossip Girl shoot and goes to the Long’s place at the Lower East End.  Hopefully, Justin’s company is giving Leighton a breather in terms of her familial dilemma.