The season 7 of The Bachelorette finally reached its closing.  Same with the previous seasons, there had been a lot of twists, surprises, and heartbreaks.  Regardless of those obstacles, every bachelorettes’ journeys always seem to reach the same ending – marriage proposal.  And a couple of days ago was no different.  The time of Ashley Hebert as bachelorette has come to a close; however, this closing is just the beginning of her life with her new found love.  Before we go into that, let us assess first what happened to her final dates with Ben and J.P. and the guys were considered by Ashley’s family.

The finale started with J.P. traveling to an island in Fiji to meet with Ashley’s family.  Ashley gave her family a very good introduction about J.P. and what to expect from him and what she likes about him.  Despite saying beautiful things about J.P., Ashley’s sister, Chrystie, had problems seeing the couple having a future together.  Of course, Ashley whined about her sister’s show of opposition and defended her feelings for J.P.  Chrystie also grilled J.P. during their one-on-one which really irked the guy.  You might wonder what brought about this negativity from Chrystie?  It was all about a question she asked – whether J.P. made Ashley laugh.  Ashley wasn’t able to answer the easy question right away, so Chrystie concluded that the two are not meant for each other.

On the other hand, Ben arrived and was warned by Ashley that he might be grilled by her sister.  Contrary to the warning, Ben had an easier time and was accepted right away by Chrystie.  She saw the goofiness of Ashley coming out when she’s around Ben and said that what she was seeing was the real Ashley, which she didn’t see with J.P.  Nevertheless, Chrystie still threw some difficult questions to Ben during their one-on-one but without any feelings of hostility.

Right off the bat, we could see that Chrystie likes Ben more than J.P. for her sister.  However, Ashley said that she has this feeling of passion towards J.P.

After the family meeting, Ashley had her last dates with Ben and J.P.  She first had a date with Ben.  She brought him to a mud lake.  That experience made Ben more confident about his feelings for Ashley and became more certain that his feelings are reciprocated.  He openly said later that evening that he’s falling in love with her.

The following day, Ashley had her last date with J.P.  Ashley, like with her previous dates with J.P., preferred to sit and talk especially with what happened to her sister.  J.P. reassured Ashley that what he was feeling was real and finally said that he’s madly in love with her.  The evening was brought to an end when J.P. thoughtfully gave Ashley an open-ended scrapbook with a letter inside.

On the last day in Fiji, Ben arrived first on the final rose ceremony.  He spoke to Ashley with great confidence and honesty.  He told Ashley that he treasures every moment with her.  He knelt on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage; unfortunately, Ashley didn’t reply.  Instead she picked him up and said “I’m sorry.”  All that Ben could say was “Wow.  I didn’t expect this.”  He walked out on Ashley, while Ashley was trying to comfort him.  He ultimately said “Do not sugar coat it.” Ben was really broken.  And it was such a difficult sight to see.  What more for Ashley, whom he had a very close connection with.

And then came J.P., who easily wiped the sadness off Ashley’s mind.  He again said that he loves her and Ashley finally replied that she loves him back.  After their short exchanges of words, he finally got down on one knee and asked for her hand.  Ashley accepted the proposal and two ended it with a passionate kiss.

We have 7 seasons of the show and to date we only have 1 successful marriage that came out of this experiment (and that was from the first season).  Last season’s couple, Ali and Roberto, is still happily together and still planning their wedding.  So if it’s batting average, I guess it ain’t that bad.  Some bachelorettes and even bachelors end up happily with another person, usually related to the show – so somehow the show was instrumental to their relationship success.  But it all boils down to their final decisions.  And how do you think about Ashley’s decision.  Was she right in declining Ben and accepting J.P.?  Or was her decision an act of going against her sister’s will?  The same way she acted against the warning of a friend who sent her a message about Bentley’s real intentions?  We will only know in the next few days, weeks, months, or years.  Hopefully, the relationship stays strong regardless of the age difference or whatever.

If you would like to see your favorite bachelors or bachelorettes, watch out for the upcoming second season of Bachelor Pad on August 8.  The show features last season’s bachelors Ames, William, and Blake.