British comedian, Rowan Atkinson, miraculously escaped death just recently.  Rowan, who popularized television show Mr. Bean, was driving his limited edition McLaren F1 sports car along A605 at Haddon, Cambridgeshire when the accident occurred.  The car was said to have spun several times until it rammed against a tree then hit a lamppost  and finally burst into flames.  Despite the severity of the crash, Rowan Atkinson, luckily walked out of the scene with just a shoulder injury.  Motorists who happen to be in the area accompanied Atkinson until the ambulance arrived.  Rowan Atkinson was brought to a nearby hospital in Peterborough where his shoulder injury was treated.  He is scheduled to be released from the hospital anytime soon.

Rowan Atkinson is not only famous for being a great comedian; he is also known for his love for fast cars.  His love for speed garnered him the leader board for the fastest lap time in Top Gear’s Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.  With his love for speed and gallant cars coincide his fair share of car collisions and accidents.  He has had more than a couple of car accidents in a span of 10 years.  In 1999, he damaged the front of his car.  In 2001, he collided his Aston Martin V8 Zagato against the barrier poles during a car meet.  In 2009, his 1952 classic Jaguar turned into flames during his romantic night out.

It was really lucky for Rowan to have survived the crash and to have not involved or hurt innocent motorists.  I hope he slows down a bit to prevent these freak accidents from ever happening again.