Wrestlemania starts off with a bang… maybe it’s a boom in the bottom of Sheamus’s boot!

Daniel Bryan was defeated in 18 seconds in the same manner as Honkey Tonk Man was by the Ultimate Warrior some 20 years ago. I actually hoped for a much better flight, the result with a Daniel Bryan victory.

Next up was Kane and Randy Orton. Kane’s choke slam off the top rope won the match. At the end of it though it still left much to be desired.

By this point we were some 20 minutes into WrestleMania with 3 hours 40 minutes left.

I really thought that the big slow, excuse me, big show was going to yet again fail at having a WrestleMania moment. I guess this was his year as he’s now the new intercontinental champion.

I didn’t really pay attention to the women’s tag match.

After the divas match was over I focused back in to realize that the first hour was a warm-up! Shawn Michaels then makes his entrance as the sun has now completely set. JR also joined the announcer’s table. The stadium now seems completely full and the sellout of over 78,000 is announced.

I’m going to guess that the Undertaker wins. Whatever the case we’re now on to the featured matches, with three hours left.

7:07 PM

OMG, I forgot this was going to be Hell in a cell!

7:51 PM

I thought this match was over so many times! The super kick pedigree combo should’ve done it, but the undertaker is superhuman.

7:58 PM

Undertaker wins, 20-0. Both men are still down.

8:06 PM

Let’s go team Johnny!!!

8:18 PM

The hoeskey costs team Teddy the win. Miz finishes off Zack Ryder, who then gets a low blow from Eve.

8:27 PM

I want Jericho’s jacket! Anyone know were I can get one of those, email me!

The no disqualification stipulation that Johnny just put on the match heavily favors Jericho. I still like to see punk come out ahead, with the continued rivalry over the summer.

I just forgot, seems like they censored something that triple H said to the undertaker. I thought anything goes on pay-per-view?

Too bad this one isn’t hell in a cell.

I wonder how you get front row at one of these events.

9:00 PM

Punk wins making Y2J tap.

9:06 PM

Can’t wait for the main event. Rock’s reappearance in the WWE last year is actually what got me watching again.

MGK might be pushing it picking Cena.

Both opponents introductions were outstanding.

9:21 PM

I almost wish this was not in an open air stadium. You get so much more crowd noise in an arena. Not a single person is sitting, and everyone cell phone camera is going. Match starts out with everyone on their feet as well.

9:50 PM

Some Jabroni in the front row has a sign that reads, “if Cena wins, we riot.”

OWS in Miami ?

9:56 PM

Cena attempts the People’s elbow, which backfires, leading to a Rockbottom and losing the match.