Let’s play a game – name any major international crisis in the last 6 years that has been managed well by the United States. Exactly. 

So here we go again, with the inadvertant bombing of an Afghan hospital in Kunduz. The major city in the north of Afghanistan had fallen to he Taliban last April, as a consequence of the rushed withdrawal timeline implemented by Obama. 

The irony at the time was his subsequent statements that “Ideologies are not defeated with guns. They’re defeated by better ideas…”

Now there is even more collateral damage with a hospital full of workers from Doctors Without Borders. 

Obama’s surrogates are trying to make this out to be a fog of war type event, but the global charity has reaffirmed in a strong statement that the “precise location of its facilities [were communicated] to all parties on multiple occasions…most recently on September 29.”

It’s like Benghazi all over again. A hurried and not fully baked decision made by our nations execute, in a desperate effort to hide the failings of his withdrawal decision, has pushed he US into another position of weakness. For at least the second time, our President’s decisions or lack of decision has cost lives.