I can remember watching the first three Star Wars movies (which I was later informed were actually episodes 4-6) when I was kid back in the 80’s. Never thought I’d find myself saying that… I feel so old; in any event, when episode 1 was released in the late 90’s, I was there opening night, ready to watch with the masses at midnight. It only took 10 minutes, and I was out – I slept for the next hour and a half at minimum, only to be rudely awoken by Ewan McGregor screaming over the death of his buddy Qui Gon:


… 5 minutes later I was out again. That’s my Star Wars experience in a nutshell.

Over the years I’ve seen extended portions of the movies, which I found to be needlessly cringe-worthy. Need an example? Here you go:

jar jar

My last complaint about the franchise, the hordes of “popular men” who will dress, talk, eat, sing and dance the part of their favorite character.


So why am I looking forward to seeing the latest movie? It’s all about “Double J” (as he’d be referred to in the South). Abrams’ work with the Star Trek movies not only brought new life into the series, but for me made the characters, plot, visuals and many other aspects of the film much more accessible. I didn’t have to experience any stinky cheese! He has the ability to tell a genuine human story against a backdrop that on its own would overwhelm the production.

Fingers crossed I won’t be disappointed.