Am I just in a different world? When did it become ok to kidnap or take hostage Americans? With no formal remarks from the President? Totally avoided it during the State of the Union Address. This event just continues to highlight the shortcomings of the Obama Administration.

For starters, they he is seen as weak (rightfully so) in the eyes of the world. Time and again he is tested and Obama wants to take he high road. In other words, do nothing. He is basically he modern Jimmy Carter.

I pray our soldiers don’t have to stay captive until the new President comes to office. That’s the other point here too – they have captured military vessels and personnel. If that doesn’t qualify as an act of war, you got me! I don’t subscribe to the Obama Foreign Policy dictionary.

Obama is weak and ineffective, not to mention slow to respond. So slow that the media has actually beat him to the condemnation punch!

All of this is a test by Iran. Just like the Russians did in the Ukraine. In that instance, it validated that Russian incursions would see no real response from the US. Consequently, Russian support in Syria now goes unchecked. Not to mention, Putin is now seen as leading the charge on the war against ISIS. Personally, I had hoped El Chapo would have taken out iSIS, but that’s another story and not likely anymore… Or is it?

In any event, Iran has initiated its own test and thus far we have scored a big fat ZERO: we have failed. Iran also knows that flooding markets with oil will destroy major industry infrastructure in the United States, giving themselves even more leverage and power in the future. Of course, Obama doesn’t want to promote domestic production anyway, so this is pretty much aligned with his agenda.

So we are left in a pickle. Thanks Obama.