The absolute bottom dwellers of society came out tonight (and yes there are quite a few of them) to protest Donald Trumps rally at Chicago Arena. Trump never showed up due to security concerns, and supporters were left with hundreds of moles in the audience. What ensued was an absolute American Tragedy.

Why did they do this? I call them bottom dwellers, but something brought these folks out on the streets of Chicago to speak out against Trump. Unfortunately, time and again, we must witness an army of professional protesters, paired with a bunch of kids (hopefully they are in school) who have been coerced by Obama’s victim mentality.

Here’s an example of one of these kids – has no idea what they are doing out there. Reminds me of the L.A riots of the early 1990’s:

Play it again, as she actually says, “sorry, I forgot.”

Liberals need to be rooted out of our schools, where they infect the minds of our nation’s future. It’s like a zombie apocalypses unfolding right in front of you – see if you can spot the zombie in this clip:

Disgraceful. It’s almost like they are having fun doing this type of thing… who does that remind me of now?

OK, blast from the past. Last clip I want to highlight for everyone is what the protesters were chanting outside of the event as it just starting getting out of control. This video shows how the parking garage was blocked from allowing any Trump supporters from exiting the Chicago Arena – listen carefully and you’ll hear, “FTP, F— the Police.”

Don’t stop talking about what’s going on in the country with your family, friends, co-workers, gardener, waitress, or anyone else who will listen. Most media outlets will glaze over these events and find a way to hold Trump responsible.