There has been a 100% success rate in the Political Cow’s Twitter polls, for determine the outcome of the GOP primaries to date. This edition will be no different as Super Tuesday 2 is upon us.

But what are the major take aways here? I think you have to recognize the unstoppable force that is behind Donald Trump. He has seriously tapped into the anger and frustration of the populous with “politics as usual.” If you think about it, he is the only real outsider left in the game. Ted Cruz was a tea party candidate, but he has since pulled his way into the GOP establishment – an issue recognized by voters. The more he echos the messages of Rubio and Kasich of party loyalty and unity, the more he will distance himself with the voters who want to hit the reset button on conservatism in this nation.

It’s been a long time since the GOP actually fell in line with true conservative principles. And don’t be fooled by the liberal’s projecting the ills of their faith on to you. Conservatism is not aligned with fascism or Russian style communism. USSR – what does that stand for? Google it!

Had to school a kid on that recently on Twitter as well – haven’t heard from him since:

Stay tuned – this is a historic and monumental election cycle!