In his latest lame duck rant, the President of the United States has singled out Trump as someone who is unprepared to take on worldly challenges. Aside from cited inexperience, the President portends Trump doesn’t have the right temperament to, in effect, lead the world. Am I the only one who sees an abundance of irony in this line of thought?

Recall back in 2004, when a then Senatorial candidate for Illinois Barack Obama gave the DNC Convention keynote address, the future President was a complete nobody! He had no experience, direct academic knowledge (which I usually question someone with exclusively academic awareness of anything), or shown any interest in foreign affairs of any sort. At least not to a degree that one would feel comfortable qualifying him for leading, let alone conducting, any sort of international business.

What did he really do? Wikipedia to the rescue:

  1. Served as a community organizer from ’85 – ’88
  2. Attended Harvard Law from ’88 – ’91 (doing who knows what for work during this time; maybe a student loan or two?)
  3. Taught constitutional law (anyone else see the irony here?) from ’92 – ’96 at University of Chicago Law School
  4. From ’93 – ’96, he joined a 13 person civil rights law firm (Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland) – the most significant accomplishment during this time was actually a flop. Even Wikipedia misrepresents what really happened. His firm, with Obama as a named attorney, filed a class action lawsuit against Citibank for discriminatory lending practices. Wikipedia makes the following assertion:Obama class action lawsuit flop
    To reiterate, Wikipedia says that the case was settled out of court. They do mention that attorney fees were paid, but the targeted language gives the impression that the lawsuit actually had merit and resulted in some type of tangible class settlement.Well, I’m am protesting the validity of this assertion, as even one of the cited references on the page speaks otherwise. The official “Final Judgement and Order of Dismissal” in the case of SELMA S. BUYCKS-ROBERSON; CALVIN R.  ROBERSON; and RENEE BROOKS vs. CITIBANK FEDERAL SAVINGS BANK (yes, this is an order of dismissal) document clearly states that there was no finding of wrong doing by Citigroup! Here is the full snippet from the order of dismissal:

    Obama class action lawsuit flop - part 2
    In summary, the class action was dismissed, with “no finding of a pattern or practice of discrimination at Citibank.” Then comes the good part – attorney fees were actually covered by Citibank, to the tune of $950,000 – TAX FREE! Looks like he knew how to screw people out of their hard earned cash at an early stage in his career. He makes ambulance chasing look like the work of a Saint.

  5. Following his illustrious career as a civil rights attorney, he then jumps into the State Senate of Illinois until 2004 when he runs for the US Senate seat that was solidified by his speech at the DNC convention that year.

A little expose on his “civil rights” activities, but the main argument here is that at no point did Barack Obama have any credible experience to manage our nation’s foreign policy. Yet he continues to be critical of Trump, who has been involved in international business for years, and is quite familiar in dealings with other cultures and how to come to terms that are mutually acceptable. He always says he wants to get a good deal, but in doing so, there are equally good negotiators on the other side. The primary takeaway in Trumps argument is that we will no longer have to walk away empty handed as we have done so for the last 8 years.