I’m surprised that no one has caught on to this yet. President Obama’s biography page on Wikipedia seems to deliberately omit a key detail, about his time as a civil rights attorney with Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, in order to artificially inflate his record as a civil rights attorney.

The Wikipedia article excerpt reads as follows (using an image in the event they change it):


“…Citibank Federal Savings Bank had engaged in practices forbidden under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and the Fair Housing Act. The Case was settled out of court.”

That’s the key line… the remainder reads like supplemental information. Settlement out of court with a major corporation would lead most individuals to feel like there was some type of major payout to the class. Completely to the contrary! The action was actually dismissed, highlighting that there was “no finding of a pattern or practice of discrimination at Citibank.”

Obama class action lawsuit flop - part 2

The only real exchange here was to the tune of almost $1 million dollars to the lawyers involved, including Barack Obama.

Did the civil rights attorneys just get paid off, and abandon the people they were representing, or did they never really have a case and embezzled the money from Citibank?