Everything is starting to unravel for the Hillary 2016 campaign. As if 6 consecutive losses to Bernie wasn’t worse enough, now the Black Lives Matter movement seems ardently against her bid for the nomination.

The black vote is critical to Hillary’s election thesis. The recent Sanders victories, however, have more than turned some heads. It’s actually served as a launching point to take away core constituents from Hillary.

Case and point, Bill Clinton was scheduled to speak at a rally in Philadelphia and was abruptly taken off script by protestors from the Black Lives Matter movement. He sparred with them for 10 minutes before returning to his canned speech.

Who was it that once said Bill Clinton was actually the first black president? Well, it happened once at the Black Caucus dinner in 2008Then again, did Bernie Sanders say the same thing?

In any event, the key takeaway is that if one major constituency is willing to back out, who’s next? Super delegates?

Stay tuned.