The issue of voting irregularities comes to the surface during every cycle, but is much more under then sense in light of all the WikiLeaks. Democrats have been called out on taking underhanded tactics to to ensure the anointed one (yes that’s Hillary) secures the nomination and the overall election. The biggest difference for this cycle is the prevalence of social media and the mobile internet tsunami that has allowed everyone to easily share information in real-time.

Pennsylvania now joins the like son Utah and Florida in terms of polling issues (in each case favoring the liberal candidate). Here is direct video footage of a polling machine not allowing any selection but Hillary Clinton:

Want more? Two workers at a polling station, in Broward County, Florida have been fired, on election day, for what was termed as “interfering,” and “obstructing” the election process. It should be noted that they were identified as a Republican and a Democrat, but with the fervor of the #NeverTrump movement, I wouldn’t consider it out of the question that there was some level of cooperation between the two

Both Florida and Pennsylvania are recent toss-up states that are rapidly trending towards a Trump victory. They key new in the next 20 minutes will be to observe the first our of poll results coming in – all of the states in the first hour are potential Trump victories with the exception of Virginia, where evidently, this guy is there darling:

More irregularities? In Nevada, the Trump team filed a Lawsuit because workers took it upon themselves to extend how late the polls will stay open (from 7:00pm to 10:00pm). The counties in question have a strong hispanic population. Liberals are citing the Lawsuit as yet another act of racism by Trump. My concern in this instance is the bussing of people into these counties as there is a loophole to supplying proper identification. Here’s the liberal #RockTheVote annotation of the requirement:

Identification Requirements to Cast a Ballot

A voter who registered to vote online or via mail must vote at the polls for the first federal election in which he or she votes, and must present identification on that occasion, unless he or she provided a Nevada driver’s license number or other proper identification in his or her application to register to vote.

After voting once in person, voters are not required to present identification at the polling place, unless their signature does not match the signature on their registration form. Upon arrival, voters will be asked to sign in, and that signature will be verified against the signature on the voter registration. If the signature does not match, the voter must be identified by:

  • Answering questions from the election board officer about personal data reported on the voter registration; or

  • Reporting other personal data which verifies their identity; or

  • Showing their driver’s license, DMV identification card, military identification card, or any other form of identification issued by a governmental agency which contains the voter’s signature and physical description or picture.

Before the night concludes, I’m certain we’ll see many more instances, which should be challenged by the Trump campaign. His team will be ready, as they were in Nevada.


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