I posed a simple question to my followers on Twitter and Kiwi.qa: can you give me some examples of Obama’s accomplishments? Responses have ranged for platitude-worthy generalizations to expressions of how he made them feel good about themselves (the “hope” part of his campaign). The interesting, or perhaps disturbing part of all this is the citation of decisions and actions that have either been poorly conceived or are not directly related to something Obama did at all!

Case and point Nevi Zsalk replied with an article outlining the 11 major accomplishments of his presidency.

I see this behavior a lot amount the liberal ranks on the left. Toss out an article that has an interesting headline, but does not support your standpoint, or it’s just chalked up with misinformation/ #FakeNews.

So let’s look at the article’s first point – he gives credit to Obama for single handedly ending the Great Recession via his asset buying program TARP and associated stimulus. Only trouble is hay the program came from the Bush admin during the October Surprisenof 2008. Obama and McCain at the time stopped their campaigns to address the legislative issues. This was Obama’s first realty vote during his entire senatorial reign. Nonetheless, the concept of buying up troubled assets was not an Obama action, just a continuation of Bush policy. Couple this with the QE rounds that were creative and unprecidented instruments created by the FOMC. Bernadette was a Bush appointee – don’t forget that, and he was always looking forward to unwinding the program. Likely a reason that Yellan replaced him so that Obama could continue to artificially inflate markets.

Another bit of fake from the article? The citations that Bush and Obama were even close on the level of debt increase they brought forth. Bush was clearly ramping up our military and homeland security to the tune of trillions. Obama on the other hand, what exactly did he do with the $8T+ (article says $5T)? Much of this went into wallstreet’s pockets. The very people he vowed to combat in order to uplift main street.


A simple google search offers a different set of numbers.

Why do the Fake News? I think the Liberals don’t want to admit defeat or that there is something so wrong within themselves that they will deflect and blame others for the next 4-8 years.