It all comes down to the 2013 red line that never really existed, because for it to exist, there needed to be a measured and proportional response by Barack Obama. Of course, for that action to have even occurred, there needed to be some level of moral integrity in the former President. 

As the New York Times depicts, it took only a mere 63 hours for Trump to respond to the atrocities committed by the Assad regime. The timeline is flawless, and the certainty and decisiveness of the action a welcome change. 

The #AmericaFirst mantra is now being called into question by some, but I don’t see any inconsistency here. There is a distinct difference between isolationism (what led to the rise of Hitler in WWII) and nationalism. Some liberals and some confused RINO’s are mixing the two. In the former, its for political purposes, which is an absolutely morally absent tact. The latter few are just obtuse. 

In any event – the message was well delivered and has received praise from across the political spectrum.