Let’s be honest, I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love Showtime’s Homeland series. It has slowed down a bit in the last couple of years, but I think it becomes difficult to be a super spy and a single parent all at the same time. In any event, the recent season that finished up earlier this year depicted the victory of a female President, who came to power promoting liberal ideals, seen as unpopular by the CIA itself. So unpopular, that leadership within the agency itself attempted to sabotage her candidacy or at least manipulate her decision making.

A critical character along the way was a conservative radio talk show host named Brett O’Keefe, who’s tone and methods bear a striking resemblance to Alex Jones. All other commonalities aside, the point being, the writers of the show didn’t anticipate how real-life would unfold. As the greatest show on earth evolved:


I think the writers found themselves in a trap, having to rewrite the latter portion of the season to better align with the election outcome. Their objective? Make the liberals look good, and conservatives look evil!

The O’Keefe character was marginalized, and the President, towards the end of the season, took what the writers and mainstream Hollywood would consider, a conservative about face. The President became some untrusting of opponents and of the intelligence agency, that she clamped down all who were deemed as traitors and tossed them in jail… including Saul (yeah, that good guy everyone knows will do the right thing in all circumstances).

They got their twist – the conservative President becomes a fascist and off you go with the finale. Moral of the story? CONSERVATIVES ARE BAD!

This is again where the writers and Hollywood fell short, as they didn’t realize or understand the true nature of the #Antifa crew. They are as a whole, more aligned with President Keane character than they realize. The protestors, deemed to be conservative in the series, are now in reality #Antifa! We have Trump supporters being attacked across the country… worst of all? Did they just ruin Homeland?

Anyway, politics injected in poor taste – should have stuck to the suspense and cleaver intrigue of the world of the Secret Service. Delivering a political message just fell flat, on all accounts:

  • Antifa
  • #FakeNews
  • Medeling of a former President (Obama in the real world)

All things negative that were portrayed as conservative hallmarks have in fact been shown in reality to be a projection of liberal shame… of themselves. Just keep doubling down… like #CNN.