Fake News CNN leads with a story entitled State polls suggest Biden has a clear national lead. Some just never learn their lesson. The real story should be centered around how, if at all, these pollsters have adjusted their prediction models to better reflect the electorate. Out of touch is the only phrase that captures how detached the elites are from true sentiment within the country. A quick snapshot from Real Clear Politics survey of bettings odds tells a completely different story. When there is money to be made, they take the model a little bit more seriously:

Credit: realclearpolitics.com

CNN goes on to talk about hey they’ve done deep analysis comparing some robocalls to state estimates and their calculus revels that Biden is up by 6.6%. Not much to say about that one, other than they are completely WRONG!

The latest tact by the liberal Democrats is to leverage the COVID 19 crisis as an opportunity to poke holes in President Trump’s leadership and accomplishments. I guess they’ve moved on from the Russia narrative and any other attempts to “get him to lie,” strategy employed against Michael Flynn. Rather than build a new agenda with new ideas for the country, they are on the attack to prosecute Trump on COVID-19 response. This will be interesting though, considering Biden’s connections to China. Remember, he doesn’t see China as a threat to the United States:

The continuing disappointment of the radical agenda the Democrats are pushing forward precludes them from actually building a real agenda, because it will alienate the least reliable, yet sizable segment of their voter base: Millennial supporters of Bernie Sanders with crazy college loan debts hanging over their heads! Again, politics prevail, and there are truly no new ideas on how to make the country better. There will be absolutely no conversation by the Democrat party that is meaningful and seeking to explain their position on any given issue (with the exception of abortion… we all know where the stand there). They just don’t care! Their a club, or a click that is only interested in keeping it’s members in power. Whenever there is an opportunity to be outraged about something, you’ll find them! Today’s outrage of the day (at least attempted) is around the COVID-19 response by the the President.

Let’s keep in mind that Trump actually called out China and COVID-19 in the state of the union address. He was talking travel bans way before anyone even thought it was an acceptable idea or practice. Certainly not the democrats by any measure:

Trump mentions the coronavirus response as part of the State of the Union Address

So for the moment, the Biden camp will rejoice with their “paper” lead and support from Fake News outlets like CNN, but behind the scenes they realize the need a real disaster for the Trump campaign to become derailed.