The world of politics has become increasingly hostile, vicious, and personal over the past 3 years. Evidently, the Speaker of the House can call someone morbidly obese, smile about it and face no consequence. Of course, that’s the case only if your target is President Trump.

The level of journalistic professionalism continues to hit new lows, driven primarily by CNN’s Fake News. Pelosi made the remark on CNN’s AC360. In the past, this clip would be removed from the site.

The personal attacks began immediately upon being sworn in as Commander in Chief:

Lookback: 25 days after the inauguration, the personal attacks were escalating

Hopefully some day soon we’ll get back to talking about policy. This is especially true during the pandemic. COVID-19 was brought into the world by China through negligence or pure incompetence. Ramifications for China should be at the forefront of the conversation, but radical Democrats have vested interests in China. The Diane Feinstein scandal is only the tip of the iceberg.