The idea of having anything in common with Joe Biden could be nauseating to many. Of course, it’s just a plain fact that with all of his craziness, there may be parts of is personality and tendencies that we all share.

Find out where you fit into the mix with Joe


You see someone walking towards you on the street that doesn't look quite right, what do you do?

Generally speaking, how do others treat you at work?

What do you think of Bill Clinton's presidency?

Describe your personal circumstances as closely as possible to an answer

How often and where do you take a selfies?

Do you have Joe Biden tendencies?
Call the authorities! You are a Joe Biden twin!

You might be that person who people steer clear from at parties, or even cross the street to avoid running into you. It's not a tough thing, it's just everyone's creeper alert goes off when you are close by! You have no instinct for awkward moments and change the tone of a room just by walking in. You speak softly, and casually thinking your being friendly, but many see it as a lure into a trap for who knows what! You don't shake hands, you hold them and a friendly hello or goodbye hug exceeds the 5 second rule! The worst part of it all is that you are either completely oblivious to it all or just don't care!
Almost Joe, just without the connections to keep you out of jail

You think everyone is smiling when you walk by, but it's really a grimace as they think about bleaching their eyes from having to see your countless selfie's sent to the world. You get a little too close to people, just like your mentor Sleepy Joe, but have not fully mastered the legendary creepery. Unfortunately, your creepy crawling was put to a halt before you could achieve Joe status.
The Wingman

Bottom line, you know the creeper and may have some of the same tendencies, but you just turn a blind eye. It's more important to keep up appearances for you than it is to really address the issue at hand. You have also fell victim to your friend Joe. Just remember, when you go high, he goes low.
No Joe in sight - you #MAGA4LIFE

There is not an ounce of creepy Joe to your DNA. Keep up the good work and we'll see you in November... otherwise, Joe will see you in December!