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Monday, October 25, 2021

The unintended parallels of the recent Homeland season

Let's be honest, I haven't met anyone who doesn't love Showtime's Homeland series. It has slowed down a bit in the last couple of...

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Google’s YouTube will delete your comments if you insult China!

Big tech has big influence on what information is made available to the public. Consequently, they have the power to push a narrow viewpoint. Any alternative can and will be deleted. This is actually happening, like, right now!

The tweet below illustrations the censorship in action:

Actual demo of the censorship happening with – live deletion of a comment they didn’t like.

The key phrases triggering YouTube’s AI into action are centered around anti-communist remarks.

You can’t say communist bandits or remark about China’s censorship if you are in the United States! The real irony here is that YouTube isn’t even allowed in China.

Just think about what is happening to Pro-Trump / MAGA comments all over the internet? From Twitter to now YouTube, influencers are being stripped of their follower, having their accounts suspended, or there messages deleted altogether.

Perhaps we can all file a complaint with the FCC.

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