The level of chatter and outcry for reconciliation between the United States and China is increasing each day. The Neo-liberals target the increasingly hostile dialog (e.g. Tweets, press briefings) and proposed economic actions floated by the Trump Administration. Unfortunately, the radical media’s end goal to subvert the Presidency, no matter the cost, does not look after the best interests of American Citizens.

It’s starts with outright misinformation. Major mainstream news outlets publish outright falsehoods, or personal assumptions as fact. For example, at the end of March, Rachel Maddow incorrectly peddled Fake News in reporting Navy hospital ships would not be arriving to support coronavirus efforts in New York or Los Angeles. The insinuation by Maddow and MSNBC, of course, is that Trump does not care for specific segments of the population. Unlike other instances, this one is not race based but more about living in predominantly liberal Democrat leaning states. It’s an attack on Trump’s commitment to Americans, along with his honesty and integrity. If this ship were to be delayed, liberals would rejoice and accuse Trump of dishonesty and not actually caring about the emerging health care crisis.

Thankfully, the social media response is prompt:

Fake news pushed by Rachel Maddow again – this time to influence the public’s view on Trump’s Coronavirus response. The liberal strategy seems to focus on discrediting Trump’s commitment and integrity to focusing on American Citizens (America First), to help prop up Sleepy Creepy Joe Biden.

The Fake News they want you to believe

Once extremist Liberals feel they have discredited the President, the next step in the “America Last” playbook now centers around China. Maddow and other media zealots actually act as surrogates for Chinese misinformation. Their talking points focused on lessening the blow to China include, but are not limited to:

  1. Naming the current circumstances as the beginnings of a New Cold-War. What better way to evoke immediate emotion than to correlate current day issues with a nuclear war showdown with the former Soviet Union. This is a WaPo posting, so please do take it with a grain of salt.
  2. Promoting the Trump racism angle, this time focused on individuals of Asian dissent.
  3. China is not a threat to the United States
  4. Don’t forget before the pandemic, MSNBC reported that alliance with China somehow personally benefits Trump!

The real story: China is in trouble

The real story is the global response towards China longer term. Given their unfortunate cover-up and dishonesty regarding the origins and spread of COVID-19, many world leaders are questioning the national security dependencies they have built on the communist nation. The first issue publicly disclosed is centered around our drug industry sourcing antibiotics and other foundational materials from China. With the heightened focus on public health globally, moving Big Pharma supply chains back to the United States (I’m also good with Canada) is becoming critical. The next major sectors, which will be publicly disclosed, is around all things tech. Intellectual property theft along with the sale of tampered, surveillance friendly networking equipment is a growing issue. Reuters has caught on to the trend and published a not so widely covered analysis in early May. The report also had its basis on a leaked internal Chinese report noting escalating hostilities due to the Coronavirus.

The second major issue facing China has nothing to do with foreign governments, but having to manage increasing discord within the country. Assigning a social credit score for everyone is a major step towards pacifying the growing unrest in the Country. Coupled with decreased economic opportunities through potentially crumbling trade deals globally, the unintended consequence will stage for increasing resentment, discontent and demands for more individual freedoms by Chinese Citizens. The Hong Kong protests are centered around these core principles.