Reports of a special press briefing on China by President Trump just hit the air waves. For some time, hostilities have clearly been on the rise. Unfortunately, the latest escalations by China with Hong Kong, the continued purging and brainwashing of the Uighur population and calls for a renewed Cold War have compelled the President to act.

I’m continuing on a multitude of actions to be announced. Here are a few options at the President’s disposal:

  1. Look for new strategies to bring manufacturing back into the United States. As manufacturing is being mentioned, some might think this roles and skills are no longer of value and are not worth bringing home. What is not being considered is the level of automation that can exist within a factory. The workforce scale and competencies are completely different in this more digital factory scenario.
  2. Publicly denounce the Uighur actions their nation has taken in suppressing its own people and forcing them into labor camps or rehabilitation to have them break from their religion.
  3. Acceleration of delisting Chinese companies from American stock exchanges.
  4. Making a clear case, with visible evidence, that China is the one to blame for the pandemic. The second part here is of the virus was man made… we’ll leave that conspiracy story for another site.
  5. Sanctioning China dramatically for all imports into the United States and cutting off any oil supplies to the country.
  6. Rescinding all American investments in China.
  7. Revealing additional intelligence on the COVID 19 issue
  8. Push the social media and fairness issue with China, allowing their population to participate in open dialog.

I can go on for a while, but it starts to read as more of a wishlist of America First actions.