Liberals will tell you Big Oil is the enemy and that climate change is an existential threat to humanity. While we wait in bated breath for global warming to ravage the earth, Big Tech took over the reigns with a complicit political system. Twitter’s removal and fact checking of President Trump’s tweets drew cheers from the the fridge of society, but shocked and troubled the majority of Americans. Whether you agree with a word he says, the right to freely express ideas is fundamental to our society.

Big Tech’s power has gone unchecked

As Rana Foroohar correctly notes, Big Tech has “betrayed it’s founding principles.”

It may seem like a novel concept to some, but makes all too much sense once the dots are connected. From excerpts of her novel, Rana points out how 80% of all corporate wealth is held by 10% of companies. Big Tech takes the lion-share.

In their early days, Facebook, Twitter and other social media companies were intent on creating something that benefits the world and promotes open and free exchanges of information. Many cited the use of these tools as critical to bring to light atrocities happening in dictatorships around the world from Iran to more recently Hong Kong. Over time, social media’s sense of purpose evolved and became radicalized as their almost unstoppable intrusion into our personal lives was ignored.

Moral superiority put into action

Jack Dorsey defiantly stands behind censoring the President’s Tweets, claiming the President’s tweets were intent on inciting violence. The deranged altruism was centered around the following tweet, which displays for some users but not all:

It seems more actions are in play by the Twitter bots, as other tweets from the White House can’t be retweeted or marked as a favorite.

You’ll notice the error message displayed actually claims that I am a bot attempting to issue SPAM retweets. Perhaps looking into AOC’s following might bet a better use of time.

The last bit of intrigue sheds further light into Twitter’s sense of moral superiority, indicating that my request to favorite a tweet was received, but it has been REFUSED!

If Twitter was really interested in not glorifying violence, they would crack down on the footage of teenagers fighting one another for sport that are rampant on the platform. As it turns, they are not interested in losing their target demographic. They are more interested in shaping their views and public perception now and into the future.

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