Following on the outcome of the DOJ’s investigations, a US appeals court ruled that the criminal case against Michael Flynn immediately be dropped. The DOJ investigation found that the “FBI was ‘untethered to, and unjustified by, the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into Mr. Flynn…” They go on to conclude that there was no real cause for initiating any investigation against Michael Flynn in the first place.

Although this ruling clears Flynn, many outlets continue to misconstrue and misrepresent the true nature of what has unfolded. For instance, Sarah N. Lynch of Yahoo News (via Reuters) highlighted the dismissal of criminal charges against Michael Flynn, but went on to point out that he had “twice pleaded guilty.”

This type of low context reporting has been endemic across the media where correlation are erroneously made, or information is purposefully omitted. In her reporting, Sarah Lynch omits how the guilty plea on purjury was retracted by Flynn. There was no actual wrongdoing with Russia, just tripped up during interrogations with the FBI. Under extreme pressure, Flynn agreed to a plea deal which he later recanted, as political prosecutors were pressuring him to lie about another case.

For now, the appeals court order corrects the wrongdoing against a stoic individual who did his best to weather an unrelenting political storm.