Following the lead of the United Kingdom, the FDA panel of doctors voted 17 yes, 4 no and one abstention to recommend advancing the Pfizer vaccine for approval. During today’s Advisory Committee meeting, lasting well over 8 hours, doctors resoundingly touted the vaccines effectiveness and strong performance during testing phases.

The meeting was held virtually and the final vote came down right at the end of the session:

Many had mocked President Trump as he insisted a vaccine would be approved before the end of 2020, saying it was impossible. The naysayers went on to question the reliability and safety of any product created by Pfizer or Moderna (two of the leading corporations progressing a vaccine).

Joe Biden was the highest profile politician to sound the alarm bells, which are now clear to have been solely for political gain.

Regardless of political theater, it’s time to unlock our Country from the #ChinaVirus.