“If I Were the Devil” – Paul Harvey’s Chilling Prophecy (Narrated by Paul Harvey)

📊 Title: "If I Were the Devil" - Paul Harvey's Chilling Prophecy (Narrated by Paul Harvey) 🌐 *Partner Links* 💰 Your connection is EXPOSED - 68%...

🤯 Trump endorsed me? #satire #election #politics #Trump


September 12, 2023


Secrets of Money Creation Revealed: How the Federal Reserve Works to raise and lower inflation

In the captivating world of finance, the Federal Reserve, often dubbed the alchemist of economics, wields unparalleled power. But have you ever wondered how...

AOC gets backlash on posting video blaming inflation on corporations.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez faced backlash for sharing an Instagram video that attributed rising prices solely to corporations, dismissing discussions about inflation as 'propaganda.' The...

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